You can own your own dojo today

here’s your chance to own your own dojo. We’ve simplified the process…You can start owning today.

Own Your Own Martial Arts Dojo

Own Your Own Stand-up Against Violence Everyone (SAVE Your City) America Franchize Today!

The goal of this franchize option is to set up and operate a martial arts dojo offering mixed martial arts programs. The franchisee can choose to open a new martial arts academy or convert an existing dojo into a martial arts facility that meets the standards of the SAVE America franchize system.

Each authorized franchisee is required to offer all the services and products stated in the agreement. We share more about this mixed martial arts franchize opportunity below with an overview of the cost of setting up a new dojo which is part of the franchize opportunity we offer.

Below is an estimate of the cost of opening a dojo, with the programs being offered to enthusiasts of varied ages. An existing martial arts facility of this kind that is converted into a martial arts facility is a cheaper option as the owner can save as much as 90% on these costs.

  • Estimated Start-Up Costs: $77,000.00 to $258,000.00
  • Initial Franchize Fee: $25,000.00 to $75,000.00 lump sum
  • Royalties: Minimum fee of $1,000.00 per month or 6% gross revenues
  • Marketing Fund Royalty: 3% of gross revenues

Kumite Fightclub Martial Arts Franchize – Kids Programs

  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Tiny Tots Program
  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Beginners Program
  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Intermediate Program
  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Advance Program
  • Fightback‐Self Defense Basics (Certificate Program)
  • Fightback‐Self Defense Advanced (Certificate Program)
  • The Teen Scene
  • Don’t Bully Me Program

Kumite Fightclub Martial Arts Franchise – Adult Programs

  • Fightback‐Self Defense Basics (Certificate Program)
  • Fightback‐Self‐Defense Advanced (Certificate Program)
  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Beginners Program
  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Intermediate Program
  • Whitebelt‐Blackbelt Advance Program
  • Fightnite
  • Kata‐Forms for Strength and Flexibility
  • “Build Your Dream Body” 12 Week Program

These franchize business opportunities are very affordable and easy to operate without the need to hire many people.

If you are interested in any of our martial arts facility or martial arts academy offerings, act now and get in touch with us to obtain the necessary franchize cost and information that will allow you to make a decision. Simply fill out our fast and easy form at the bottom and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible or proceed to the NMAL team franchise page for our professional martial arts team option.

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