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Franchise Companies and the NMAL Business Awards

The National Martial Arts League (NMAL) is very well recognized in its field. It is in the list of the Top Military-Friendly franchise companies and is one of only four franchise companies that made it in the Sports and Recreation Category. This particular list represents the top 10% of franchises involved in recruiting and training veterans in the U.S. to become business owners.

The inclusion of this martial arts franchise on the prestigious list is proof of its successful offering specifically by providing financial incentive and training for veteran franchises for sale.

To learn more about this Top Military-Friendly Franchise companies List and the organizations included, you may visit You may also check out the June issue of G.I. Jobs and the July/August issue of Vetpreneur Magazine.

The NMAL Experience

Owning one of these National Martial Arts League franchise companies can be a rewarding venture.  Being the only martial arts franchise of its type, you have no national competitors. You also promote the involvement of the community by encouraging young people to get into martial arts and providing entertainment to the others.

In addition, martial arts franchises allow you to earn an income in multiple ways and you can even enjoy a protected exclusive territory.

With your martial arts franchise, you can conduct tryouts to get members for your team and then hire coaches and referees. It will give you an opportunity to operate a Kumite Fightclub martial arts training facility either by putting up a new one or simply converting an existing school. Additional franchise martial arts information is available on the succeeding pages.

Act now and don’t delay! Learn more about NMAL’s extensive franchise information by visiting

Once you’re ready to purchase one of the 32 martial arts franchise opportunities, contact Dexter Kennedy right away by calling (803) 665-8453 or by sending an email at You can then request a copy of the NMAL franchise disclosure documents which is required by law to be reviewed before purchase of the martial arts franchise. They contain additional martial arts franchise information on the NMAL company.

Be part of the NMAL team soon and reap the rewards!

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