A Franchise with Three Options

A Franchise with Three Options

Martial Arts Franchise Opportunities

In the U.S., there are more than 500 sport martial arts amateur circuits that offer point type tournaments. At any given time, there can be 500 individual circuit champions per weight class. A 2012 report by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) also revealed that there were more than 5 million martial art participants over the last four years.

With these statistics in mind, martial arts enthusiasts and even existing schools can invest in low cost franchise opportunities offered by the National Martial Arts League (NMAL) to further improve the level of training of participants and enable them to triumph in their respective divisions.

NMAL has three franchise opportunities available to individuals companies and investors keen on becoming an important player in the professionalization of sport martial arts.

The Stand-up Against Violence Everyone (SAVE) Your City Franchise provides an opportunity to own a solutions-based martial arts school and training facility.

The NMAL franchise team option allows ownership rights to a specified area for the professional sport martial arts team for that particular territory (state/city). This means that the team can compete on a national level against other teams in the NMAL similar to other major league sports.

Choosing the team franchise also provides an opportunity to purchase a Master Franchise. This option includes the two of the other franchise businesses as well as the selling rights of the Stand-up Against Violence Everyone (SAVE) Your City Franchise schools to recoup franchise fees and get royalties.

This low cost franchise company is a great opportunity to help martial arts practitioners become overnight sensations by winning one of the 18+ black belt fighting divisions. Franchise opportunities such are hard to find and should be taken advantage of the soonest time possible.

Franchise businesses are some of the most rewarding and easy to set up today owing to the support and training provided by the main company. The NMAL franchise businesses are worth investing in because of the great benefits they provide to both the owners and the community in which they operate.

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