NMAL A Franchise Business

NMAL A Franchise Business

Franchise Opportunities: President’s Message

Dear Martial Arts Enthusiasts,

The NMAL is proud to offer you two franchise opportunities which we feel are the best franchises to own. These are the National Martial Arts League Team franchise and a stand-alone Kumite Fightclub Martial Arts Training Facility. Any one of these franchise opportunities has the potential to provide you with recognition and financial rewards you deserve.

One franchise business with territorial rights is available per state and this is on a first come, first served basis.

Your decision to purchase one of our franchise business opportunities will allow you to gain ownership of a business to operate a professional martial arts team or training facility. Now is the right time to invest and take advantage of these franchise opportunities if you want to gain all its benefits. Franchise business opportunities like this do not come often.

Take action now!

Purchase your own martial arts franchise today. If you are serious about martial arts and in helping aspiring youngsters achieve their dreams, this is one of the best franchises to own. With a team franchise, you open up opportunities for all martial artists, male and female aged 18 and older to become part of a professional sports team. They only need to pay a registration fee to participate.

Schools and organizations that hold yearly tournaments can also greatly benefit by becoming part of the NMAL. As a member, they have the opportunity to elevate their competition to the professional and national level thereby allowing martial artists to showcase their talents and skills on a higher platform.

Another franchise option available is to own a training facility. You can either convert an existing school to a Kumite Fightclub Martial Arts Training Facility or set up a new one. With this option, the franchisee can own a protected territory to maximize return of investment. This means that no other school franchise will be available within 20 miles and state rights for ownership for a professional martial arts team franchise.

Getting one of these NMAL franchise business opportunities means you can start your business in no time. We’ve done all the hard work and have an SBA approved business plan available for all of our franchise business opportunities. Additionally, we can guarantee 85% loan approval if you have a good credit score.

Military veterans interested in the program can avail of up to 50% discount from the fee of these franchise opportunities. More information on these best franchises to own can be found on our website at www.themartialartsleague.com.

Otherwise, you may fill out our online request form here to know about the details of purchasing one of these NMAL franchise opportunities. Or you may also reach us at 1-866-586-4831to talk to someone and get initial information on how to get started on one of these franchise business opportunities available.




Dexter Kennedy




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