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The National Martial Arts Leagues (NMAL) Franchise, LLC is a limited liability company with headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina. Established October 2009, carries the corporate names Kumite Fightclub and National Martial Arts League, and is affiliated with The Kumite, INC.

The Martial Arts Market

Researches on the national market have found the great potential of the martial arts market in terms of unique franchises and the opportunities they present. Consider these statistics:

  • More than 100 colleges offer a “learn martial arts” program
  • More than 600 tournaments are held each year in America
  • 64% of participants are female and 36% are male
  • 71% of these participants earn more than $35,000 annually
  • Kids aged 4-14 make up the target market
  • Adults make up 70-80% of people participating in a “learn martial arts” program
  • More than 1,500 businesses related to martial arts exist (supply stores, photography, teachers’ associations, books)

The statistics for martial arts clearly show that interest in the sport is high among both kids and adults, which creates the opportunity for any individual interested in unique franchises the opportunity to be successful in his or her community by offering individuals within their local community the opportunity to learn martial arts and the possibility of being a professional athlete. The majority of martial arts participants are financially capable in pursuing their desired martial arts programs. What’s needed is an organization that will help push sport martial arts to the professional level and this is being done solely by the NMAL in its offering of great franchises to own and the first 32 individuals, businesses or partners to purchase one of these unique franchises being offered.

Franchise Martial Arts is a popular business option available to people today. It’s affordable and allows aspiring business owners to set up a new enterprise that doesn’t require much effort on their part. For one thing, the business is already established in the market and franchisees are provided with training and marketing support by the franchisor.

For those who are into martial arts or who are big fans of this sport, becoming a franchise martial artsowner of any of our martial arts franchise opportunities particularly the NMAL martial arts franchise is an ideal option. The main benefits you can gain are being able to provide opportunities to the young members of your community to Learn Martial Arts and get into this physical activity, along with the opportunity of being a professional athlete and provide entertainment at the same time during events.

Additional information about these martial arts franchise opportunities is available in the succeeding web pages. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the martial arts franchise opportunities being offered within the NMAL franchise.

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