Funding and Financing Martial Arts Funding

Martial Arts Franchise Funding and Financing

Martial Arts Franchise Funding and Financing Options

The National Martial Arts League (NMAL), LLC has partnered with Borrow Best to offer funding and financing options to those interested in purchasing any of our Martial Arts Franchise Opportunities. The NMAL martial arts franchise currently has three types of franchises for sale available to interested investors.

Borrow Best consists of a select group of individuals and companies who are experts in various funding environments. Each member of the team has been carefully chosen for their knowledge and expertise in specific niche market.

Borrow Best is an elite group working to find solutions for the financing issues of people including those in the process of purchasing a NMAL Martial Arts Franchise. The members of the team utilize each other’s resources and hold confidential consultations with concerned people to ensure success in their transactions.

Steps in Applying for Financing

To apply for financing when taking advantage of any NMAL best franchise opportunity, here are the steps to follow.

  • Make a request to purchase one of the 32 Martial Arts Franchise opportunities being offered. This can be done by calling 1-866-586-4831 or sending an email to
  • A representative will be in touch with you through phone and will determine the territory you wish to purchase. During the call, you will be informed of the franchise cost and the amount needed for funding. The representative will then schedule a pre-funding review with BorrowBest.
  • Every funding request is personally reviewed and evaluated to assess the probability of success.
  • A phone consultation will then be scheduled to ensure that franchise owners understand what they need in terms of funding or financing.
  • The BorrowBest group will next designate a team member who can best work with you throughout the process.
  • You are then introduced to a direct lender or broker. BorrowBest will assist you in monitoring the progress of each transaction and will act as an intermediary when necessary.

Funding  For Your Franchise Martial Arts

It is our goal to help you get the funding you need to start and grow your Martial Arts Franchise.  That’s why we have chosen to partner with the experts who have vast experience in the field of financing to ensure that your franchise martial arts business will be up and ready to operate soon.

SBA Loans Equipment Leasing
Traditional Loans Factoring
Merchant Cash Advance Business Credit Builder
Business Lines of Credit Personal Lines of Credit
Securities-based Lending Self-Directed IRA’s




Business Credit Builder

BorrowBest has partnered with a nationally recognized leader in securing business credit for small to medium sized companies. BorrowBest is able to obtain more than $50,000 for each of new client even with no social security number or personal guarantee required.

Having a strong business credit file spells the difference in successfully obtaining funding for your franchise martial arts business. Establishing a favorable business credit asset can lower your financing costs, rental terms, credit card rates as well as vendor and supplier terms.

Credit Repair

The credit repair industry has evolved through the years and many changes have been carried out. Gone are the days when generic dispute letters are sent to credit bureaus and you only hope that they don’t respond on time.

We take pride in our credit repair experts who are well experienced in providing outstanding customer service and helping improve the credit standing of our clients. With their expertise, we are able to offer the best in full service credit repair, credit monitoring and self service credit repair.

Rest assured that you are in good hands with our partner in setting up your franchise martial arts business. BorrowBest is able to provide a wide range of financing products to meet the needs of our customers particularly those eager to avail themselves of one of our Martial Arts Franchise Opportunities.

If you’re interested taking advantage and owning one of our Martial Arts Franchise Opportunities, you can start the process by completing our online client profile here. A Martial Arts Franchise that is affordable and easy to operate is sure worth your investment. You can choose any one of our Martial Arts Franchise Opportunities suited to your community and your budget.

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