A Vision for a Professional Fighting League: Local Fighters, Team Owners, and Fans

There is, and always has been, a problem in the world of professional fighting: Unlike almost any other sport, a single entity controls the players. In boxing, a single notorious promoter almost ruined the sport (and arguably did) with the way he managed and controlled matches and fighters. Now, in the booming sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), the leading brands control the match ups and, in the case of the International Fight League, own the teams.

The National Martial Arts League is a new league-based fighting organization based on exactly this concept. In this league, local owners build teams with as many local point fighters as possible, in order to gain the support of local fans. The league is structured like a franchise, and seeks entrepreneurs with financial staying power to own and build successful teams.

In contrast, the top sports franchises of our day– the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL– all succeeded based on local teams, local owners, and local fans working together to create something larger and greater than a single owner ever could. In this league, local owners build teams with as many local fighters as possible, in order to gain the support of local fans. The brand equity of the league will grow as fans support their local teams towards the play-offs and inter-league title/all-star events. In addition to putting on league events in their geographies, team owners are free to experiment with different concepts, including professional and amateur fights, tournaments, and different types of fighting formats (i.e., grappling, wrestling, stand up combat, boxing, and other formats that become popular).

Taking on the NFL: The National Martial Arts League

Football, baseball, and hockey are all franchised team sports in America. Why not martial arts? Martial arts has been a sport in America for over 70 years but has missed the opportunity to become a major league sport. Dexter Kennedy believes that can change.

Dexter is ready to find his personal domain, after receiving a vision from God and a lifetime in the military, in which to become successful. He relies both on his military education and his faith in the Lord to receive the gift that he feels God has placed on his life. He strikes out to make his dream a reality.

Taking on the NFL: the National Martial Arts League lays out the martial arts franchise concept in an easy to read and informational format inspiring others to join Dexter Kennedy in this exceptional opportunity. Dexter Kennedy is currently using this platform to raise funds to have his book made into a movie in hopes of changing the culture of martial arts to embrace a professional point martial arts league like the other major league sports. The purpose of the movie is to convey the concept to the masses.