Martial Arts Franchise – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What upfront investment is required?

It depends on the martial arts franchise you’ve chosen. The franchise costs for An NMAL or Kumite Fightclub franchise can range from $25,000 to $75,000. This amount excludes the costs of setting up your Kumite Fightclub training facility or converting your existing martial arts school into a training facility. Additional cost will have to be taken into account for the five-day training program in Columbia, SC.

However, the costs can be lower for established schools or training facilities. U.S. veterans can also enjoy up to 50% discount from the franchise fee.

What ongoing NMAL or Kumite Fightclub fees are required?

Royalty Fee – The minimum fee is $1,000 per month. Royalties are paid by Kumite Fightclub franchises. A royalty of 6% of gross revenues will be paid on the National Martial Arts League (NMAL) franchise revenues.

Marketing Fund Contributions – These are to be paid by franchisees. A royalty of 3% of gross revenues will be paid to the franchisor on the National Martial Arts League team franchise revenues.

What Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect?

We cannot give you an accurate ROI but we can tell you that the upfront cost of opening a NMAL or Kumite Fightclub mixed martial arts franchise is relatively low. It all depends on the expectation and needs of the franchisee. Cash flow can be generated as new students are pre-enrolled prior to your grand launching.

How quickly can I expect the return on my investment to begin?

Your ROI can begin as soon as new student-members sign up. This is possible after signing your lease and once you start pre-selling in your designated territory.

How many employees do I need?

Initially, you can start with at least two people including yourself (owner/salesperson) and a martial arts instructor. If you have the funds, though, you can hire more people to grow your business faster.

Master franchises that are allowed to sell Kumite Fightclub martial arts franchises within their protected territory may need more than two employees.

What type of facility do I need?

You will need a sprinkled space measuring 3,500-4,000 square feet. This can already accommodate your Kumite Fightclub martial arts studio/teen scene and a small office. Other important requirements are a signage, phone, computer and high-speed internet connection.

What type of technology (phone, fax, computer, and internet) do I need?

You will need a personal computer running on Windows or one that is IBM-compatible. A high-speed internet access either via DSL, cable or satellite is also highly important.

How long has the National Martial Arts League been in business?

This Martial Arts Franchise company was established in 2009 to launch the National Martial Arts League. The business model and concept have been in existence in the U.S. for more than 50 years.

How much support will I receive after the initial training and specifically, how does The National Martial Arts League Franchise support my business?

The NMAL small franchise provides investors with a web-based infrastructure in operating their business. This is utilized in billing, collection and servicing of student-member accounts. The technology will be used for administrative work as well as to issue reports for schools and teams activities.

A team of support staff will also be assigned to each franchisee to guide them in managing the business. You may inquire through our online form to obtain other necessary franchise information you want.

What are the key drivers of the business – the key skills needed?

As a National Martial Arts League franchisee, you will have to get involved in running the business on a full time basis. But be assured that your efforts and time will be greatly rewarded moving forward.

In our experience, franchisees that are energetic team leaders and with sufficient experience in business and management are those who succeed. Following the system such as hiring certified black belt instructors and approved managers is also crucial in the growth of this business opportunity.

What competition should I expect?

There’s little competition, if any, when you choose to become a NMAL franchisee. Unlike traditional karate schools, mixed martial arts centers, gyms and fitness centers, this small franchise opportunity offers ownership of a professional sports franchise with territorial rights and support system plus a martial arts facility.

Currently, the franchised type of martial arts school is not very common but the interest and potential audience is growing faster compared to other sports franchises.

Will I receive a protected territory?

Yes, you will get an exclusive and protected territory. As a franchisee, you will be assigned a protected territory based on at least a 100,000 population density.

As a rule, we don’t place another franchise within 20 miles where your Kumite Fightclub training facility is located. The only exception is when your NMAL franchise has sole territorial rights for the area your purchased.

How do I generate income?

There are many ways to earn income through this American franchise company.

  • Teen Scene monthly club memberships
  • By bringing in new student-members
  • Self Defense basic membership
  • Self Defense advanced membership
  • By holding Don’t Bully Me Summer camps
  • By Selling Martial arts Equipment
  • By holding Special Events (FightNite)
  • By building your Dream Body Memberships
  • By providing upgraded classes and personal training for student-members


If this is such a great opportunity, why haven’t I heard of you before?

The National Martial Arts League (NMAL) Martial Arts Franchise has been struggling to find 32 motivated investors or potential owners. This Martial Arts Franchise  company, however, has been registered since November 2009 and as such, its philosophy has been defined and documented.

What will cause my National Martial Arts League Franchise business to grow quickly?

You can grow your Martial Arts Franchise and attract quality student-members through several ways. You can do aggressive sales, marketing and advertising and hold regular community outreach programs. Adhering to the proven systems provided by the NMAL American franchise company and hiring only approved managers as well as class instructors can ensure the success of your business in no time.

What dynamics should I consider in determining if I’m in a good market?

To own a Kumite Fightclub small franchise, first you need a population base of 100,000 people within 5-7 miles. You should also have an average annual household income of at least $35,000 and a mix of age groups. We can further assist you in researching about this data and other pertinent franchise information if necessary.

What’s my next step?

You can now request for a franchise application from us. Once you’ve completed it, return it to the National Martial Arts League Franchise, LLC with postal address at 208 Majestic Drive, Columbia, SC  292223. You may also email it to

Once we receive your application, we will contact you and send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to proceed with the franchising process. When we are able to determine a mutual interest, you will be scheduled for a phone interview and we will send an invitation to our corporate office.

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